Animation Portfolio

Capture Intervals in Minutes

You can choose how often the program captures your time. Choose between 1 and 20 minutes.


On a 'broad stroke' level, this indicates what stage of the pipeline you're currently working in. This menu corresponds with the default Maya Menu Set.

When you change this menu, Maya's menu also changes to match.

animation difficulty index

This setting determines the difficulty of animation that the project requires. For example, a bouncing ball on a web banner compared to a talking animal whose co-staring with a live action actor. One is vastly different from the other.

You're not choosing how difficult it is to you to animate, but rather what is expected of you for the production.

From easy to hard:

1-2. TV Children, Games Children (motion Capture/Key frame), web related content.

3-4. TV Series Adult (motion Capture/Key Frame)

5-7. Games (motion Capture/Cycles/Key Frame)

8-9. TV Commercials (motion capture/key frame)

10-11. Film (motion capture/key frame).

Use this list as a gauge, not the rule.

Years of Paid Experience

This indicates how many years of paid experience you have been working in your discipline? Don't include years you were at school or working for free.

Shot Framing

Chose how the camera is framing the shot.

1. Extreme long shot

2. Long shot

3. Full shot

4. Medium full shot

5. Medium shot

6. Tight medium shot

7. Loose close up

8. Close up

9. Extreme close up

Status Line

Displays help and prompts while dragging the sliders.

CG Time Tracker Documentation and Help Page

Darren Rea

CG Time Tracker helps you track your time while working in any Python compatible CG software. See a full list of programs here.

Using your captured data, you can analyze how you work. This can be useful in making accurate quotes on how long it will take to finish a task. You can also see how much faster you get over time.

Once installed you can quickly adjust the appropriate sliders to set your settings and then click the Start Timer button. It will track your active time while in a project file. If you open this particular project file again, it will automatically start tracking using all the same settings from last time. No need to reopen and set the settings again.

Percentage of Timeline to Animate

Chose what percentage of the timeline you need to animate. For example, the camera may turn away from the performance to look to the horizon by frame 50 of a 200 frame shot, therefore this setting should be set to 50%.

This info will be displayed in number of frames and percentage of frames.

Number of Limbs

Chose how many limbs are in the shot. Include:

  • legs
  • arms
  • wings
  • tails (long)
  • ears (long)
  • clothing that drags (long)

Stop/Start CG Timer

Start Timer

Will start the timer. If pressed a second time it will display how much time has passed since starting the timer.

Stop Timer

Will stop the timer.

Open Data

Will open a notepad (CSV) with the data captured so far.

Right clicking this button will display more options:- Open the Headings for the data (CSV) and open the location of these files.


Will close the window. The timer continues to run.